Mike + Snowy

Mike has been flyballing ever since coming across a team practicing in Berkshire some four years ago. It didn't take long for the bug to bite, and his beloved Snowy has accompanied him forwards through thick and thin. Together, they have competed in many tournaments including the annual BFA championships and the 2012 European championships.

Snowy is a Red Merle Border Collie and he lives for Flyball. When he is not competing, he manages the other four BCs in the family and takes the responsibility for ensuring their good behavior very seriously.

Snowy achieved his Silver award from the BFA back in September 2012.

Since moving to Cornwall in 2013 neither of them have been able to compete due to the distances involved. Mike is busy remedying the situation with the formation of "4x4 Flyball Club" and intends to be competing again in 2015.

Mike is a founder member and Team Captain of the club.
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