Well Amy had been going on about this new fun thing called Flyball that she had been taking Bracken along to, and after much nagging from her I agreed to go along and watch one day. Watch! once you meet Cathy and Mike who run the club, there's no such thing as watching: "Oh Hi" they say, "Would you like to be a box loader for us?"
So there I am, backing dogs up on to a ramp and releasing them to run after their crazy humans to run up over a series of small jumps and despite being away from most of the conversation for a lot of the time, I'm having a thoroughly wonderful time. I get to view the dogs from a whole new angle from everyone else. Its fast its furious, its exciting. As a ball loader I have to think on my feet and be fast about it.
Oh yes they tell you which order they are going to run the dogs in (by means of hand signals right right left right) Believe it or not dogs are right and left pawed!
In all the excitement though, they do sometimes forget to tell you they have changed the dog order and suddenly a left dog is coming down over the jumps at high speed to a ball in the right slot. Phew: I feel quite important, no box loader, no flyball!
The dogs, they do it for a tennis ball and fun. Me, I do it for fun, the good company, the adrenaline rush, oh and Cathy makes a grand cup of tea. So just because you don't have a dog in your life, doesn't mean you can't be a valuable member of a great club and part of a fantastic team.
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